Obamacare, Again

Help me out here (and don’t ask which way I came in….).

Many of my friends tell me the Affordable Care Act (ACA), known better as Obamacare, is terrible, costly, ineffective, and should be repealed.

In today’s (March 29, 2016) Raleigh News & Observer, the paper’s Editorial Board reported the four main criticisms of the ACA were: 1) people wouldn’t sign up, 2) it would “…drive health care costs throught the roof,” 3) it would explode the federal deficit, and 4) it would “…ruin a health care system touted as the world’s finest (though hardly its most accessible).”

The article goes on to point out that a report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) concludes the answers are: no, no, no, and no. “It’s true the ACA needs some tweaking and isn’t perfect in some ways. But it is not a failure.”

So – do I believe my friends or the CBO?

Just before the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the ACA a while back, with the unexpected swing vote from the Chief Justice, I wrote my belief that every human being deserves access to decent health care. If we don’t start from that position, that every human being deserves access to decent health care, who cares that due to ACA “Some 22 million more people, says the CBO, will have health coverage this year….”?

As Detective Harry Bosch, one of my all-time favorite fictional crimestoppers (thanks to author Michael Connelly) says:

Either everybody counts or nobody counts.


6 thoughts on “Obamacare, Again

  1. Can’t speak for myself, but my daughter hasd No healthcare last year (after aging out of our policy). This year she has what appears to be a very good plan, with no deductibles, at a price she can afford.


  2. I’m still waiting to hear from one person who now has better insurance at a lower price. Maybe I don’t hang out in the right circles, but I’ve yet to hear from one of those 22 million. Two years ago, my then 22 year old son making $14/hour could not get decent coverage through the Marketplace for a reasonable price (this was in TX, I know it varies by state). I can tell you people who are paying MORE for LESS coverage. That would be my family and others who I know personally. I’m not saying that it should be all about me, but that’s the personal experience on which I am basing my opinion.


  3. Einar You are right on with your comments. The facts need to be put in front of these “repealers”. Keep charging. Doug Leary


  4. Your “friends” are expressing their prejudices. The CBO Is using sonething called data. Hard to believe a NC paper published this.


  5. I concur that something needs to be done about the healthcare system in the USA. How people manage who cannot afford health insurance, or even those people who have signed up for ACA with high deductibles, I cannot imagine. Today I received accounting about anesthesia for a recent procedure I had. The anesthesiologist billed $1,240. Discount negotiated by United Health was $1,162.46. Of the balance, medicare paid $61.97 and United Health picked up the remaining $15.57. I paid zero.
    What is wrong with this picture?


  6. Einar, it seems that your friends ( at least some of them ), swallow the GOP BS without thinking. Go with the CBO, & the N & O editorial. I’m sure that some adjustment can be made, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.



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