Dennis, Rhymes With Tennis

Karen and I spent a lovely week in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, many moons ago.  One of the highlights was tennis lessons that came with our stay and were provided by “Dennis, Rhymes With Tennis.”  He helped me a little and helped Karen quite a bit.  
Dennis had a group of young Jamaican boys, probably 12-16, that he was training, and one afternoon asked me if I’d hit with a couple of them, maybe play a few points to give them a different look.  I hit for a few minutes with 2 or 3 of them and then one of the boys asked if we could play a few games.  He was pretty good, but I was a 4.0 at the time and he got a bit frustrated.  At one point he tried a lob that I played easily right back to him to give him a chance to return it. We repeated that a couple of times and he hit his last shot into the net.  On the next point he hit a drop shot I got to easily and he tried another lob.  This time I blew it by him and Dennis shouted: “No lob-a de beeg mon!  Dee beeg mon reach to da moon!”  I got to laughing so hard I had to stop for some water.  
All in all, we had a great time with Dennis Rhymes With Tennis and his boys.  

Justice of the First U.S. Supreme Court

Had occasion to visit the James Iredell House in Edenton, NC yesterday.

James Iredell Sr. played an important role in North Carolina’s adoption of the U.S. Constitution and was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court by President George Washington.

He was confrimed two days later.

It was a simpler time, although it could be argued that Washington and James Iredell, Sr. wouldn’t say so. If we could ask them…..

Show of Hands Please

This sound familiar? “Let’s have a show of hands. How many (insert question)”? Every class I’ve ever had and most every large meeting I’ve ever attended have produced at least one request for a show of hands.

Let’s have a show of hands:

      1. Raise your hand if you think the solar energy industry employs more than twice the number of people employed by the coal industry. (True.)

      2. How many think planet earth will be able to rely on fossil fuels for as long as the planet exists? (Not bloody likely.)

      3. Raise your hand if you know what CE and BCE mean? (To be more ecumenical, CE, or Common Era, replaces the time period formerly called A.D., Anno Domino, while BCE replaces B.C., Before Christ.)

      4. How many think the U.S. national debt has decreased significantly in the past 7 years? (True.)

      5. How many of you have experienced significant life changes that were caused by the national debt? (Anybody? I didn’t think so.)

      6. Raise your hand if you think George Burns is in heaven and is embarrassed (angry?) to observe our attempts to discriminate against human beings who happen to be LGB or T? (George Burns? Think of the movie “Oh God,” and be assured He is not happy.)

That’s it for now. May have more later…..