Active Hate Groups in the United States

Today’s mail included a map quantifying the number of active hate groups in our country in 2015: 892.   Also quantified was the number of antigovernment extremist groups: 998.

The map was distributed by the Southern Poverty Law Center:


The hate groups include the KKK (190), Black Separatists (180), Racist Skinhead (95), White Nationalist (95), Neo-Nazi (94), Neo-Confederate (35), Christian Identity (19), and Anti-LGBT/Other (184).

The map clearly shows that the vast majority of the hate groups are in the eastern half of our country. Alaska and Hawaii are the only 2 states where no hate groups are shown. Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana show 41 of the 190 KKK groups exist in those 4 states. Neo-Nazis apparently the Midwest; 20 of those groups are in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

The Bible’s maxim that the poor shall always be among us means more than just people who have no money, the homeless being the primary example of that type of poor. We need to expand the definition of poor to include the poor of spirit, the hateful, the seperatists, the demigods, those who insist others must believe what they believe, love only those of whom they approve; sadly, it appears that they shall always be among us as well.


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