The Clinton/Lynch Conspiracy

Note: the following is intended to be sarcasm; that is, a false but I hope a slightly humorous take on a current event that apparently has thousands of people in an absolute snit.

When a former President (Clinton) happens to wander over to say hello to the present Attorney General (Lynch) on an airport tarmac between flights, there can only be several reasons for that.  As a public service, I offer the following reasons to explain Mr. Clinton’s actions on that fateful day.

He recognized the AG and wanted to acknowledge the excellent work she is doing.

He wanted to try to convince the AG to encourage the indictment of his wife so he wouldn’t suffer the indignity of becoming the nation’s “First Gentleman.”

The flight attendants on his aircraft had run out of his favorite bourbon and he sought to borrow some from the AG.

His aircraft had broken down and he wanted a ride.

He had heard that the AG’s aircraft had broken down and wanted to offer her a ride.

He wanted to show the AG photos of his new grandchildren.

He wanted to see photos of the AG’s grandchildren.

He knew that talking to the AG on an airport tarmac for twenty (?) minutes would unravel Donald Trump for at least three weeks.

He wanted to make certain the AG was aware that restrooms on commercial aircraft were available to anyone, LGBT or regular, with one exception: if your seat was in coach you couldn’t use the first class restroom.

Take your pick. I submit that these reasons make just as much if not more sense than what I’ve been reading the past several days.


One thought on “The Clinton/Lynch Conspiracy

  1. ….and he wanted to make sure that the AG, &/or the FBI investigated previous Sec.’s of State who also had private e-mail servers.


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