Teaching the Statute of Frauds

The title of this short story is a bit misleading; can’t make it more accurate without giving away the ending…..

A young mother came to me before class to ask whether it would be OK if her 8 year-old daughter sat with her. “My sitter called at the last minute. She couldn’t make it. Amy, say hello to Mr. Bohlin.”

I’m a world class sucker for kids, especially kids whose parents have clearly taught them well.

I told Amy and her mom I was a dad and a grandfather and it would be fine for them both to be in class for the evening.

I was teaching aspiring real estate sales persons what they needed to know to pass the North Carolina broker exam. During the first hour I spent a fair amount of time on a law called the Statute of Frauds, which requires certain documents to be in writing. Can’t say exactly, but I probably said Statute of Frauds a dozen times or so.

At break time I was making my way out of the classroom to get a soft drink. Before I reached the door Amy presented me with a drawing. Clearly a talented young artist, she gave me a drawing of a man – looked like a soldier – sitting on a horse. On the ground around the base of the pedestal on which the man and the horse were perched there were several smaller drawings I didn’t recognize right away, until I read the sign on the front of the pedestal, which read: “Statue with Frogs.”

Amy’s version of the topic was much more amusing. And interesting.


One thought on “Teaching the Statute of Frauds

  1. I’m accepting that the story is true; kids have their own interpretation of words they aren’t sure of, but they don’t always ask what was actually said. I like how you made her feel good. You’re a nice man.


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