Could That Possibly Be The Same?

I expect most men, even my friends, would be a bit embarrassed by this.

Have you Facebook fans noticed their new feature, the post in which you, yes you, have reached some anniversary or milestone on Facebook?

An example: today Facebook notified me that it has been six years since I became friends with one of my nieces. Actually, it’s a best friend’s daughter, but I think of his kids as a nephew and four nieces.

Anyway, it has been six years.

Here’s the embarassing part: the post shows a photo of me, it happens to be my regular photo or profile photo or whatever the photo is called that shows up automatically now and then. I happened to notice that in that photo I am wearing the same shirt I’m wearing today.

It’s a good shirt, an L.L. Bean’s, and I’ll probably still be wearing it six years from now if I’m still breathing.

Besides, it still washes up pretty well. And nobody else of importance (read: wife) has said anything about it.

Does kinda make me think about the other stuff in my closet, though I’m pretty sure it’s all newer than my Facebook shirt.


3 thoughts on “Could That Possibly Be The Same?

  1. hilarious about the shirt dad – I have some doozies myself that I think are still great but my wife isn’t too thrilled about. Unlike you though, I got the “sitting still sweat” so my shirts need to be purged one way or the other every now and then


  2. Social media has created a new dilemma for ladies as well. I bought a new dress for my niece’s wedding earlier this year. Before the wedding I wore the dress to an event where I knew that I wouldn’t see any of the same family or friends that I would see at the wedding. Of course being all dressed up, I wanted to snap a picture to post on Facebook, but realized that I didn’t want everyone to see my “new” dress before the wedding! (Of course, I forgot that I’m now the frumpy, old aunt and no one cared what I was wearing at the wedding anyway!)


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