More Satire, Please

Did you happen to take in the late night program that featured sidewalk interviews with U.S. citizens who didn’t know that the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare were the same? Some preferred the former because it was “affordable.” Others, clearly fans of Michelle, allowed as to how Obamacare was the better of the two.

Satire. What would we be without it?

In my adopted State of North Carolina, this morning’s newspaper contained a report, obviously satire, about ten of our legislators who think it would be a good idea to eliminate the requirement for a permit for those who would like to carry a concealed handgun. Must be satire. No one in their right mind would want more concealed handguns out there, although those geniuses did include a lengthy list of places where concealed handguns would not be allowed. My guess is that TSA-like frisking stations would be set up in hundreds of locations to help law enforcement gain compliance with all those places all those gun-carrying folks would have to check their weapons bedore entering. Need some gun lockers too. Good job creation with all that.

And then there is the idea that personal opinion and not so much science should inform national policy on such subjects as vaccines, fuel economy standards, carbon emissions, endangered species, pandemic response, and protected waterways (TIME, 2/13/2017, p. 19).

And let’s build up more climate change denial out there. Satire has surely been the motivation behind those obviously doctored photographs of retreating glaciers, the elimination of any mention of climate change on the White House website, and the freezing of EPA grants.

Good grief…..