Just Have to Laugh (or at Least Grin)

Read the comics in the newspaper? “Argyle Sweater” in today’s (July27, 2017) Raleigh News & Observer has a moth and a ladybug at a bar. The moth’s beer can: “Bug Weiser” and the ladybug’s: “Bug Light.”

Moth: “Ya know, contrary to popular belief, I’m really not drawn to the light at all.”

Ha! (Like a moth drawn to the light…..get it?)

And then there is this old chestnut, circa 1970, around Haloween time in Lansing, Michigan:

Two vampires sit at the bar.

Bartender: “What’ll you have?”

First Vampire: “Blood.”

Second Vampire: “Plasma.”

Bartender: “That’s a Blood and a Blood Lite, comin’ up.”

Ha! (Well, my kids liked it…..)

Two Irishmen leave a bar.

It could happen!

(And I’m half Murphy…..)


Attention All Hackers!

We now have a distinguished (“very distinguished”), appointed Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity.

I can’t help being surprised, very surprised, that our President is still claiming massive, very massive, voter fraud.  There are dozens of excellent, very excellent, studies and research papers on the subject.  A simple, very simple, search using the phrase “voter fraud” produced a large, very large, number of hits (6,080,000), among which are various, very various, conclusions that voter fraud is statistically insignificant, very insignificant.

But insignificance is not my main, very main, concern today.  I can only wonder what a group of appointed members of an advisory committee might do with the records of (200 million?) voters.  Send them a postcard asking for proof of life?  Ask the ones who chose to register as Democrats or Independents whether they might want to make a switch?  Make those records available to already drooling, very drooling, cyber crooks making plans to grab all that information for their new, very new, credit cards, bank accounts, etc.?

Can’t help being concerned, very concerned.  (And yes, I’m imitating the style of the almost daily, very almost daily, barrage of tweets from, well, you know…..)  Puts me in mind of “Rain Man,” who said such things as: “I’m a good driver. I’m a very good driver.”  Or Demi Moore in “A Few Good Men,” who, upon hearing the judge deny her objection, said: “But your Honor, I strenuously object,” which of course didn’t persuade the judge to reconsider his ruling.

Still, I strenuously object to creating a new and massive pile of personal, very personal, information in the office of a newly appointed advisory commission.  Do they even have an office?