Show of Hands Please

This sound familiar? “Let’s have a show of hands. How many (insert question)”? Every class I’ve ever had and most every large meeting I’ve ever attended have produced at least one request for a show of hands.

Let’s have a show of hands:

      1. Raise your hand if you think the solar energy industry employs more than twice the number of people employed by the coal industry. (True.)

      2. How many think planet earth will be able to rely on fossil fuels for as long as the planet exists? (Not bloody likely.)

      3. Raise your hand if you know what CE and BCE mean? (To be more ecumenical, CE, or Common Era, replaces the time period formerly called A.D., Anno Domino, while BCE replaces B.C., Before Christ.)

      4. How many think the U.S. national debt has decreased significantly in the past 7 years? (True.)

      5. How many of you have experienced significant life changes that were caused by the national debt? (Anybody? I didn’t think so.)

      6. Raise your hand if you think George Burns is in heaven and is embarrassed (angry?) to observe our attempts to discriminate against human beings who happen to be LGB or T? (George Burns? Think of the movie “Oh God,” and be assured He is not happy.)

That’s it for now. May have more later…..


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